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IP Rating Outdoor LED Light Manufacturer in China

Exterior lighting, both in residential and commercial spaces, is a crucial aspect of any locality. It is important to choose the right type of LED outdoor lighting to ensure a bright setting that ensures safety. Vorlane is a trusted outdoor LED lighting manufacturer that has excelled in the LED manufacturing industry for a long time.


Our solutions include a wide range of LED options for outdoor lighting, including LED downlights, flood lights, and high bay lights. Vorlane focuses on the manufacturing of efficient outdoor LED lighting solutions that benefit both our customers and the end-users.

IP Rating Outdoor LED Light Manufacturer in China
IP Rating
Easy to Install and Maintain
Light for Various Outdoor Zones
Consistent Lighting Levels
Long Service Life

Types of LED Lights for Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Vorlane offers more than one type of outdoor LED lighting solutions for our customers. All these options boast their advantages in several environments.

Why LEDs for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting serves different purposes in different settings – it could be a decoration in residential spaces, or it could be for illuminating a large space like a parking lot. LED lights, in general, have high lumen output, thus serving as a great option for outdoor applications.

Vorlane’s LED lighting solutions are perfect for outdoor purposes as they boast several benefits:

As one of the most reputed outdoor LED light suppliers, Vorlane offers several benefits for customers including customized products, OEM services, and discounts on bulk purchases.

What Vorlane Can Do for Your LED Outdoor Lighting Solution

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Join hands with our expert designers and turn your ideas into reality. Our R&D team strives hard to perfect every single outdoor LED lighting design – you propose ideas, and we make them efficient and tangible.

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If you are looking forward to building your brand by partnering with a proper outdoor LED light manufacturer, then Vorlane is the perfect choice for you. We offer high-quality OEM services that offer you extensive options for customizing your products.

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As an outdoor LED lights factory, we are experienced in every procedure related to the manufacturing of LED lights. Right from the manufacturing of LED drivers to the packaging and testing of finished products, we handle all the processes of manufacturing with expertise.

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Vorlane believes in the power of standard and quality of products, so we practice several quality checks right from the processing of raw materials to the end product. Our LED manufacturing unit is certified ISO 9001:2000 – we stand true to our certification and vow to produce high-quality products.

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When working with Vorlane, get exclusive updates on your orders through project managers. As an experienced supplier, we meticulously work towards ensuring the satisfaction of all our customers.

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Every Vorlane product comes with a 5-year warranty period – we care for our customers, and that is why we extend our services even after the sales of products.

Considerations of Choosing the Best Outdoor Lighting

Placement and Installation

Outdoor lighting can be of various types. Before choosing a LED lighting option, it is important to consider the placement of the lights. Based on the place where the lights are employed – gardens, streets, playgrounds, etc. – the type of LED lights change. Also, these lights can be installed in a variety of ways, so they should be considered too.

Design Style

Some LED outdoor lights can be used for decorative purposes, like LED strip lights, and in some cases, outdoor lights are used for purely professional uses. Based on the application, the appropriate type of outdoor lighting solution can be used.

IP Rating

The IP rating of a LED light refers to the amount of protection that the enclosure of the lighting fixture offers. If the lighting fixture is to be installed in an outdoor space, like in the case of street lights, the fixtures will require a higher IP rating, say 65 or more.

LED Lighting Fixture Quality

To decide upon the right LED choice for your outdoor setting, the quality of the lighting fixtures plays a crucial role. Based on the wear and tear that the lighting will undergo, one can choose the LED outdoor lighting solution.

Budget and Cost

The budget will depend on the size of a buyer’s project. Before choosing a suitable outdoor LED light manufacturer, it is important to consider the budget of the project and the capacity of the manufacturer. Vorlane offers special discounted rates for bulk projects.

Lead Time

The lead time in which an order is delivered is very crucial for a client. A buyer should consider the lead time in which their order will be processed so that they can stay on top of the market game.

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