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Sustainable lighting is paramount to the success of any manufacturing facility or warehouse. With facilities requiring consistently strong lighting for better production and personnel safety, it is important that the lighting fixtures used are not only long-lasting but also energy-efficient.

Industrial LED lights from Vorlane are specifically designed and made to boost productivity and enhance the safety of the facility’s personnel. Well-calibrated LED lights require minimal energy for strong lighting output, while strategic cooling mechanisms and rigorous quality testing ensures extended service life.

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Increased Safety
Increase Productivity
Operate Better and Clearer
Reduce Energy Usage
Consistent Lighting Levels
Mimic Sunlight to Reduce Fatigue

Our Industrial Lighting Products

Benefits of LEDs for Industrial Lighting

The right type of industrial lighting can contribute to the increase in productivity and decrease in energy consumption. Also, bright, minimal-glare lights prevent any accidents in industrial spaces. This is why industrial LED lights are widely chosen – they offer many benefits both for the buyer and the end-user.

Industrial LED lighting solutions are the best choice for you because:

Vorlane is your trusted industrial LED lighting manufacturer – we have excelled in the manufacturing of industrial LED fixtures and accessories for the past few years in China. Get in touch with us and boost your business with our excellent products and services.

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  • Vorlane offers custom design manufacturing options to all clients. With your ideas and inputs, our skilled design and R&D team comes up with efficient LED designs that will benefit your business.
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Customize your products with the help of our OEM services. We offer complete OEM services that will help you to bring your brand to immense success.

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  • At Vorlane, we are experienced in manufacturing all the parts of a LED and assembling them to make the perfect product. Our manufacturing and assembly units work at optimum levels to complete every batch perfectly on time.
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As an ISO:9001 2000 certified factory, Vorlane makes quality its first priority. We employ several quality checks in different stages of production to weed out unfit products.

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Be it feedback or order updates, you can get it all from the special project manager assigned for your order. All our orders are perfectly managed by our special team to avoid confusion.

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Vorlane guarantees a 5-year warranty on all its LED fixtures. We also offer extensive after-sales care for all our clients to help them out with any possible problem.

Considerations for Choosing the Best LED Residential Lighting


Different applications like industrial workshop lighting, LED warehouse lighting, industrial office lighting, etc., require different types of LED light with different lumen outputs. For example, industrial LED flood lights are the right choice for illuminating wide areas.


Not all industrial areas require the same kind of lighting – in some places, industrial lights are better wall-mounted, but in others, recessed lighting gives better illumination.

Industrial LED Lighting Design

Choosing the right industrial LED lighting manufacturer also depends on the industrial LED lighting design. Depending on the architecture and the interior of the industrial unit, the lights need to be chosen.

Supplier Qualification

The qualification of the supplier of LED lights is also an important consideration. Look out for the manufacturer’s quality certifications before proceeding with them.

Budget and Cost

The budget of your project plays a crucial role in deciding the right type of LED for your business. Also, make sure that your supplier offers discounts for bulk orders like Vorlane does.

Lead Time

A shorter lead time will give you the option to enter the business market earlier. Ask your manufacturer about the lead time for processing your order and then make your decision.

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