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Vorlane values proper lighting in any work setting and has committed to crafting LED lights that deliver the best illumination for office spaces. We have created glare and flicker-free bulbs, panel lights, and downlights providing smooth office lighting for better productivity. Smart controls improve our dimming and angling capabilities to improve the overall work atmosphere and reduce employee stress.

Our team is committed to following up on your requests and providing detailed outlines on how our lights will help you in the long run. With our assistance, we guarantee that we design lights that help save power for any building. Along with energy costs covered, our use of durable, eco-friendly materials for our lights makes them last longer, saves more, and reduces waste all at once.

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Increase Satisfaction
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Reduce Energy Usage
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Higher CRI

Types of LED Lights for Commercial Lighting Solutions

A variety of LED lights can be used in commercial spaces – it all depends on the type of space and the mood it requires. Vorlane offers a wide range of commercial LED lighting solutions for all buyers.

Benefits of LEDs for Commercial Lighting

LED lights have come to become the perfect choice for commercial lighting because of their high energy-saving capacity and easy maintenance. Commercial LED lighting plays a major role in creating the perfect atmosphere in any commercial space, be it retail, industrial, or any other setting. These lights resemble natural daylight and reduce fatigue for those who work in these spaces.


LED commercial lights are often preferred because:

For commercial LED lights wholesale dealing, Vorlane is the perfect choice for all B2B buyers. As the most reliable commercial LED lighting manufacturer in China, we work efficiently to offer our clients only the best services and lighting solutions.

Vorlane Supports Your LED Commercial Lighting Projects

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  • If you are interested in custom designing commercial LED light solutions, then Vorlane is the best choice for you. With your valuable input, our expert team works on creating the perfect LED designs that suit your needs. 
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Vorlane is not just an expert commercial LED light manufacturer, but also a renowned dealer in OEM services. With our high-quality accessories and parts, build your business and grow your brand successfully.

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Vorlane manufactures every single accessory and component required for the manufacturing of LED lights right from the scratch.

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Our quality control team works relentlessly to uphold the quality of each of our products. We employ several quality checks in each stage of the production process to ensure that defective items are weeded out.

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Vorlane takes pride in perfecting every single project we receive. By assigning a project manager for each order, we track the status of the production and keep our clients informed.

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To extend our services after sales of our commercial LED lighting solutions, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products. Clients can contact us any time after the order is delivered to inquire about any doubts and problems.

Considerations for Choosing the Best LED Commercial Lighting

Placement and Installation
  • LED lights are used in a wide range of commercial applications, so this is a very important consideration. For example, for commercial parking lot lights, one can choose LED flood lights or LED street lights based on the requirements.
Commercial LED Lighting Design

The commercial led lighting design of a building or an outdoor space should be considered closely. If the lights are employed in interior spaces, then recessed lights and suspended lights might be used. For outdoors, floodlights and downlights make a good choice.

Smart Control

Smart control options are available in a wide variety of lights. Controllable and dimmable LED commercial lights make a good choice for indoor applications in certain spaces. 

Supplier Qualification

A trusted commercial LED lights supplier will possess a quality certification and have prior experience in the industry. Vorlane boasts an ISO 9001:2000 certification and has patented several designs of its own.

Budget and Cost

A B2B buyer should be aware of their budget and the production cost for their project before settling on a manufacturer. Vorlane is your trusted commercial LED lighting manufacturer – we offer discounts for bulk orders.

Lead Time

The lead time refers to the period in which an order is undertaken and completed by a manufacturer. Vorlane has a short lead time that enables our clients to stay on top of the market trends.

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